The Autologic diagnostic tool delivers a dealer-level diagnostic solution for BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, VAG, Volvo and PSA/Renault. Autologic enables independent garages to specialise without having to involve the dealer or call in outside help.

Providing complete coverage of all the vehicle systems, unique functions of Autologic include coding and flash programming. These functions together with other features such as retrofits, conversions and fitment of aftermarket products, surpass the functionality of other diagnostic tools as well as some dealer tool features.

Total Dealer Independence With the Autologic diagnostic solution, garages with Autologic are well equipped to meet the demands of servicing and fixing vehicles in today's competitive market whilst retaining their independence from the dealer.
No more delays waiting for dealers workshop space
No more costs for dealers services
Enhanced and more cost effect service level for customers

Autologic Independant Vehicle Diagnostics (website )

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"A Total Dealer Independence With the Autologic diagnostic solution"